The Dumbest Thing You Can Ever Before Tweet

Do you dudes see Amanda Bynes all over Twitter? She actually tweeted, “I want Drake to murder my personal pussy.”

Are you currently joking myself? Would you dudes know that anything you post on Twitter or Twitter is actually community expertise?

Consider it:

You meet single lesbians a person. You then become enthusiastic about all of them. They aren’t responding to you the method you need.

Then you think to yourself, “you-know-what, I’m going to tweet stuff. I will publish on Twitter. They are going to review my personal updates, following they are going to think to by themselves, ‘Yeah, I want to view this individual much better, or i must pay him a lot more attention.'”

Whatever you decide and put out truth be told there on public room is seen by future girlfriends. The greater you add nowadays that is insane, more men and women are browsing believe you’re crazy.


“you dont want to give anyone ammo

for one thing you did 2 yrs before.”

Your personal every day life is your own exclusive existence.

If need anything from a person, you will need to get and speak with them. If you prefer someone to transform their unique behavior, you will need to keep in touch with THEM.

You do not tweet it therefore never Facebook it. You don’t place it nowadays on some of these social media sites.

When you have an issue with a person you are dating, text them and organize a face to face talk. Sit and consult with them. Don’t actually enter a text debate.

Exactly Why? Because a text discussion is generally stored, passed along and found somewhere once more.

The greater amount of you post in public places, the greater opportunity it will return to haunt you in the foreseeable future.

Just see certain insane crap a-listers like Amanda Bynes tend to be getting out there! They’re like everyone else and me personally.

The problem is their particular tweets are look over by seven million fans, and from now on the world understands Amanda Bynes’ pussy would like to end up being murdered.

In all severity, keep all things exclusive and you will find your lifetime is really so much simpler.

Keep in mind, once you place all this work stuff in public, estimate which more is able to see it besides future mates? Future employers, future mother-in-laws, potential father-in-laws, etc.

You don’t want to make conflict.

You don’t want to provide anybody ammunition to gun you for one thing you did 2 yrs in the past as soon as you happened to be drunk and pissed-off at someone.

I’ve constantly stated every day life is about going forward. The last will always get back to haunt you.

Inside our media-obsessed, Google-obsessed, Twitter- and Facebook-obsessed world, its crazy to think it’s not going to.

Maybe you’ve men actually ever posted everything or book whatever returned to haunt you? Inform me. I’d want to read about it.

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